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  • Potenciją gerinantis gelis 100 ml - Erosart
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Adrien Lastic


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Pristatymo laikas

1 - 3 d. d. prekės pažymėtos ženklu "nuolaida".

5 - 8 d. d. visos kitos prekės.

Šventiniu laikotarpiu galimas siuntų vėlavimas.

Neutralus įpakavimas

Niekas nežinos, kokią siuntą gavote.

Aukšta kokybė

Bendradarbiaujame su Europoje pirmaujančiais tiekėjais, kurių prekės atitinka saugumo ir kokybės reikalavimus.

This intimate gel is designed for men. It has active vasoactive effects to stimulate the erogenous and sensitizing zones that activate the erection. It promotes sexual potency and increases the intensity of the orgasm in quality and duration. The action is lasting and pleasant, making sexual relationships more fulfilling and satisfying. Highly recommended in situations where you want to achieve a true climax and a pleasant and intense sexual relationship in couple or in masturbations. Especially in cases of impotence, sexual apathy, highly recommended in uncomfortable penetrations and in the situation in which it is desired to enhance and increase the sexual pleasure of women.

Application: Extend a sufficient amount on the member before initiating relationships. You can repeat as many times as you wish.

Properties of the main components:

  • Oenotera biennis oil: Evening primrose oil contains gamma-linoleic (PEG1) that favors the production of prostaglandins and that act in the dilation of blood vessels, whose action is essential to have a good erection.
  • Turnera diffusa leaf extract (Damiana): Act effectively in the sexuality of man, in impotence, also stimulate the seminal quantity; Its aphrodisiac effect is powerful, fast and safe.
  • Lepidium Meyeni root extract: Stimulant and aphrodisiac properties, indicated in erectile dysfunction.
  • Epimedium grandiflorum extract: Excellent aphrodisiac
  • Menthol: Coolness and wellbeing effect
  • Camphor: Sexual activity extender

A new way to enhance and promote the excitement of the male sexual organ.

ONAGRA for men is for all men:

  • Men who need to increase their sexual potency.
  • Men who want long, multiple and intense orgasms.
  • Men who wish to increase the seminal quantity.
  • Men who want to extend their sexual pleasure
  • Men who want to improve their sexual experiences.