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  • Šildantis vandens pagrindo lubrikantas 150 mll
  • Šildantis vandens pagrindo lubrikantas 150 ml
  • Šildantis vandens pagrindo lubrikantas
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Pristatymo laikas

1 - 3 d. d. prekės pažymėtos ženklu "nuolaida".

5 - 8 d. d. visos kitos prekės.

Šventiniu laikotarpiu galimas siuntų vėlavimas.

Neutralus įpakavimas

Niekas nežinos, kokią siuntą gavote.

Aukšta kokybė

Bendradarbiaujame su Europoje pirmaujančiais tiekėjais, kurių prekės atitinka saugumo ir kokybės reikalavimus.

High quality water based lubricant produced by a certified German manufacturer. The special fat-free composition is easily removed with water and leaves no mark. With a pleasant consistency on the skin, it is not sticky and has excellent lubricating properties. The basis for a carefree and sensual atmosphere is trust in the couple, just as the essential thing is trust in all products that are related to love and that come into contact with the genital area. To have sex without worries, it is advisable to pay attention to the following points at the time of purchase.

The CE mark, which according to the Medical Products Law identifies a legal medical product that is suitable for the genital area. The "compatible with latex condoms" identification mark guarantees product compatibility with condoms. A detailed description With EasyGlide, we offer a German quality product that meets these three criteria and assures you of our wide variety of products for your individual needs and preferences.


  • 150 ml
  • Water base
  • Heat effect